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Toolkit for the Employee Family Assistance Program

inConfidence is our confidential and comprehensive Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, inConfidence provides members access to valuable resources for their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing.

Welcome Package for Employees

Share key information and resources with your employees to get them started at

Program Features and Resources for Leaders

Access more resources for leaders and managers to share with their team.


Mental Health Awareness Flyer: Tips on building mental health resilience and developing mental health awareness.

Suicide Prevention Flyer: Information for members or employees on suicide prevention and support in times of crisis.

Trauma Support Flyer: The how, why, and when for having inConfidence trauma counsellors come to your organization for an onsite visit with employees and members.

inConfidence® Substance Abuse Program: Information on inConfidence’s SAP (substance abuse professional) assessment services for employees and organizations in need.

Workplace Referral Program: More information on inConfidence’s Monitored Referral Program, which helps employers with employees suffering from flagging productivity and workplace issues.

Program Orientations, Workshops and Courses

Orientation Flyer: Scheduled orientation webinars for leaders to help them better understand how the EFAP program can be a valuable resource and help them identify employees at risk.

Orientation Webinars for Members: Scheduled education sessions for your members to learn more about the program.

Orientation Video for Members: A guided video walkthrough of the benefits and resources available to members, and how to access it.

inConfidence Workshops and Courses: Access inConfidence’s large selection of workshops and courses presented by skilled facilitators.

LifeWorks Training Program: Access various training programs courtesy of LifeWorks to help leaders build a resilient culture and achieve their organizational goals.

Program Perks