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Student Opportunities: Exchanging Meaningful Experiences for Innovative Ideas

Student Opportunities

Exchanging Meaningful Experiences for Innovative Ideas

Student Career Paths

Bachelor of Business Administration

Working closely with Account Directors, the Client Service Representative, Corporate Accounts interact extensively with other operational areas within Medavie Blue Cross to assist in the service of corporate accounts. Frequent contact (phone, e-mail and face to face) with external customers including consultants and groups. This position offers potential for personal and professional development and an opportunity to make an important contribution to the overall success of the team.

The Corporate Accounts Manager will manage all service aspects of the business relationship with key accounts The Corporate Accounts Manager will play a significant role in providing guidance and service to key accounts. This role is responsible for the successful execution of all client services activities, including implementation plans, training, plan enhancements, and ongoing support.

A Direct Sales Representative is responsible for all aspects of the sales function and is responsible to meet sales quota for individual products - Health, Life and Travel. The Direct Sales representative will take a customer focused approach to determining the best product to fit the client’s need.

Working closely with the Product Portfolio Manager, the Product Specialist is responsible for day-to-day product maintenance, research and participating in and coordinating projects that enhance existing group insurance products and bring new concepts to launch. They gain in depth knowledge and expertise about their products' functionality and capabilities and provide valuable input into the strategy for the product suite available to all Medavie Blue Cross group business clients. The Product Specialist becomes a subject matter expert and provides valuable support to key areas.

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Marketing team in the positioning and promotion of our products and services which includes database management, project support, market conduct and event coordination. They work closely with many areas of the company, including Group Product Management, Sales and Corporate Communications.

The policy administrator is responsible for interpreting the product sold and entering the information from the proposal into electronic data format, including creating or modifying a group in the administrative systems. He or she will communicate with representatives from various sectors in Montreal, Quebec City and Moncton to follow-up as required in order to accomplish tasks and meet standards and deadlines.

Bachelor of Health Science

The Drug Benefit Analyst will be a key player in the operational requirements of the drug plan management team. Amongst the various operational tasks, the incumbent will be primarily responsible for the accurate and timely updating and maintenance of the provincial formularies as well as product shortage maintenance.. This role supports individual, group and provincial government business.

The Case Management Coordinator is the first point of contact to the Case Management Services department, with the submission of a disability claim and remains involved, to varying degrees, throughout the life of each claim. They are required to communicate with all stakeholders, both internal and external ie: employers; claimants; health care providers; sales; underwriting; Customer Systems; DCS etc.

The Disability Claims Specialist (DCS) is responsible for the complete management of an assigned block of short and long term disability claims. The DCS is responsible for the initial decision making on the claim as well as the ongoing management that includes developing and monitoring treatment plans, return to work planning and rehabilitation programs. The DCS develops relationships with all involved parties including the claimant, employer and the providers engaged in the case.

The Rehabilitation Consultant is responsible for providing medical and vocational rehabilitation interventions to claimants on long term disability. With an integrated disability management approach, they liaison and negotiate with employers, unions, health care providers and other stakeholders to promote return to work as part of the recovery process.

The Special Authorization Analyst plays an integral role in the authorization of prescription drugs for beneficiaries through the use of various modes of communication and on-line technology. The Analyst reviews, analyzes and processes provider requests following policy, procedure and privacy guidelines defined by the Department of Health.

A Medical Underwriter analyzes and manages medical underwriting requests, determine product eligibility for our applicants, administers our operational practices including invoicing, manages our information systems and communicates with our customers. You will analyze and review the medical risk based on medical evidence requirements and make quality decisions relating to eligibility of coverage and issuance of personal health or life plans.

Bachelor of Arts

A Travel Claims Case Manager is responsible for managing case files for members who require emergency medical care while traveling outside their province of residence. They liaise daily with members of our World Assistance Service provider and with medical consultants to assess the on-going needs and medical status of the patient’s condition. A Travel Claims Case Manager ensures that the patient’s medical requirements are being met while adhering to contractual benefits and limitations.

The Policy Administrator is responsible for interpreting the product sold and entering the information from the proposal into electronic data format, including creating or modifying a group in the administrative systems. He or she will communicate with representatives from various sectors in Montreal, Quebec City and Moncton to follow-up as required in order to accomplish tasks and meet standards and deadlines.

The Contract Writer will focus primarily on corporate accounts and providing end-to-end contract services including; writing and producing, amendments, preparing benefit booklets, and creating contract customization when necessary and meeting our client and company quality standards. The Contract team must ensure accuracy in their work and therefore quality assurance protocols such as proofreading and editing is an integral aspect in this position. In order to facilitate the changing needs of our customers, we are looking for an innovative and forward thinking candidate to be successful as the Contract Writer.

The Trainer is primarily responsible for the training delivery to new and existing employees. They assist with the design, development and the organization of the various training modules and maintains records of training activities and employee progress through testing and evaluation. The Trainer validates course design, tests the materials and provides feedback while supporting the training strategy and providing initiatives in accordance with the department’s training policy. They deliver the training while applying learning solutions and resources which utilize blended methods and technology.

Finance and Accounting Graduates

Financial Analysts have many career paths they can follow ranging from receivables, to cost accounting to financial planning and analysis. They are critical for the success of our business and execute strategies through operational intelligence, analyzing financial performance and ensuring profitable growth, managed costs and accurate forecasting. There is focus on system optimization, process improvement and collaboration across the department; new ideas and perspectives are welcomed!

If you love Math and Risk assessment Underwriting is a career you should consider. Often partnering with Sales and other parts of the business, Underwriters use their technical skills for risk assessment on both new and existing groups. There’s no one educational program to become an Underwriter, but a love of numbers is a must. If you love the analysis of risk and reward the opportunities are endless.

Our Actuarial team advises on financial strategy and risk, and develops pricing and product profitability. They anticipate and recognize matters that could affect financial integrity and bring fresh thinking and ideas to the table. They build a greater appreciation for the bigger picture and we count on them to provide sound, unbiased reports.

Computer Science

Join our digital transformation! Our IT team is in house and has over 300 people dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to improve the well being of Canadians. There is never an “every day” and that is what keeps life here exciting. You will need to use strong problem-solving skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication to have successful outcomes in your every day. Whether your passion is back end, front end, UX, Cloud services or knowing what’s next – there’s a team at Medavie Blue Cross working on it.

Data is transforming the world and our business, and Data Analysts are in demand. All corporate functions are seeking strong data analysts to build, maintain and make sense of reports. You could look to optimize systems, predict future health trends, or analyze sales transactions, there are no limits.

Welcome to Medavie Blue Cross

When does Medavie Blue Cross hire students?

Our largest hiring volume is in the Summer; we do hire co-op in the Fall and Winter terms and those timelines vary based on institution


We usually post our positions in February


Applications are due by end of March. Interviews begin now!


Interviews continue in April.


Offers are extended by May


Onboard in early June

Student Testimonials

I am currently in the position of a MAAX Policy administrator (MPA). This is my second placement at Medavie, and the previous summer I worked on the Medical Underwriting Team. I am currently studying History at St. Thomas University and working towards being a high school teacher. While this summer job is not in my field, working at Medavie has taught me skills that I will use in any career, such as, working as a team, time management, conflict resolution and communication skills with my coworkers.

- Hilary Foster

The thing I like the most about my role within the company is that most of the time I’ll be moving around or at other people’s desk which gives me an opportunity to meet new people and to get to know the roles of all the different departments in the company. My team is also full of fun people that love their job and it shows in the way they work every day, there’s never a boring day with them. My student work is rewarding because I get to give people all their new hardware (computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard) which makes them happy every time it’s almost like Christmas for them. To other students thinking about applying for work at Medavie, you won’t regret it. It’s been a great experience for me so far this summer I’ve met a lot of new people made lifelong connections and it’s definitely my favorite summer job I’ve ever had.

- Francis Brideau

I’m going into my third year at UNB in the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program on a pre-medical stream (a mouthful, I know). This is my second summer at Medavie and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to explore two different departments.

In 2018 I was a summer student claims analyst in CIC, analyzing and paying immigration claims. This summer I’m working in the Workflow department getting to do everything from E-claims to prepping claims to delivering the mail. During my time in CIC, I was shown so many medical claims of all sorts, and I loved getting to read about the treatments being provided (I want to be a doctor or physiotherapist so I love anything medical related)! Down in Workflow, I still get to see those interesting medical claims, but instead of paying them I now prep them which is cool. I also have a really versatile role, and everyday I’m doing something new!

- Miranda Bowser

Student FAQ

  • There are two ways we hire students; for a “Student” term position, anyone enrolled in a post-secondary education can apply. We accepted applications from Universities, Community Colleges and online programs. You can be in your first or final year of study!
  • We also hire co-op students; those roles are typically posted directly with the Universities who support co-op programs
  • Every team has different technical requirements they want to see demonstrated in your program of study. We’ll list those specifically per job posting.
  • Other things we look for are people who align to our core values (Caring/Innovative/Accountable/Responsive/Community Minded). We love to see participation in school clubs, sports, volunteering in the community or work experience that’s given you good customer focus. We seek life long learners, problem solvers and team players. Most of all, we look to students to bring their new ideas and eagerness to learn to contribute to our teams
  • Along with Medavie Health Services, our mission is to Improve the Wellbeing of Canadians. You’ll help us achieve that goal in a meaningful way.
  • We’ve been in the industry over 75 years, so you’ll work with some of the best in the business.
  • We’re a large, complex corporate structure so you can learn from everyone. You’ll have a mentor when you come onboard but gain access to a large internal network to build your experience.
  • Think Insurance is boring? Not while we continue digitizing our tools, growing our market and creating innovative solutions to bring healthcare products to Canadians across the country. All while maintaining work life balance and countless opportunities for growth

Everyone gets nervous before an interview; we’re really trying to know you better and have a conversation. You’ll be asked a mix of competency questions and technical questions and we find using the STAR method for answering really let’s us know what you can do.

  • Situation – set the tone and tell us the context
  • Task – what were your responsibilities and action items
  • Action – explain what you did
  • Result – what was the result

Want to really wow us? Do some research on our products. Follow us on LinkedIn to understand how we’re becoming thought leaders in the industry. Let us know if you’ve used our services in the past. Speak to our values. Ask us questions!

It’s not uncommon that we hire past students, or students in their final work term. Whenever possible, we love to see our students become permanent members of our teams! When not, we want to give direct experience and feedback to help you develop