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Coronavirus and your travel benefits

The Canadian government has issued Level 3 and 4 travel advisories due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China.

We want to make sure that you take care to protect your health, and you understand how we can help you if you are impacted by this outbreak.

Travel benefits

If your benefits plan includes Travel coverage, this situation could impact you and any current or planned travel to or in China.

To confirm what, if any, Travel coverage your plan includes:

  • Login
  • Select “Check your coverage”
  • Open your Schedule of Benefits and review the Worldwide Travel Benefit section.

Worldwide Travel Benefit

If your plan offers the Worldwide Travel Benefit, there is the potential impact for:

Members currently in China and unable to leave

Coverage will be extended for plan members whose travel coverage is expiring or expired, and are unable to leave because of quarantine or unavailable flights. For more information, you can call our worldwide travel assistance provider at the number on the back of your Medavie Blue Cross ID card.

Trip Cancellation

If your plan also lists Trip Cancellation as a feature of your Worldwide Travel Benefit, there are additional potential impacts:

Our Travel policy is to provide Trip Cancellation when a Level 3 or 4 advisory is in place.

While these Government of Canada travel advisories are in place, we suggest plan members with Trip Cancellation coverage who have travel scheduled to China in coming weeks consult with their travel provider on the status of their bookings. If you do not receive full reimbursement for travel scheduled during the travel advisories, you can check your Trip Cancellation coverage and submit any eligible claims to Medavie Blue Cross.

Booking new travel

You should be aware that if you book travel to any destination that is under a travel advisory at the time of booking, this could impact your Travel coverage and Trip Cancellation coverage from Medavie Blue Cross.

We are closely monitoring this rapidly evolving situation and how it may impact our plans and members. We will be updating this page as the situation evolves.

Maple, our partner for our Online Doctors' service on Connected Care, also has an overview on understanding the coronavirus here.

You can find out more about the coronavirus and related Government of Canada advisories here.