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Disability Management

What we offer

We take a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to disability case management that seamlessly guides claimants through their treatment and recovery—every step of the way. We have an in-house team of over 130 professionals to handle all aspects of case management – from a full assessment of a claimant’s level of function to a thorough analysis of workplace programs and accommodations. Our goal is to return claimants back to health and back to work, safely and quickly.


We provide disability coverage to groups ranging from 3 to 35,000 employees. Offering coverage for both short term disability—including a Salary Continuance option—and long-term disability.


We have a team of qualified specialists that help ensure a successful return to work. From our short- and long-term disability management specialists to individual interventions that help each person on a one-on-one basis get access to the care they need; our approach is to manage every claim with care and attention, while bringing the best resources to each situation based on the employee’s needs.


We are continually exploring new approaches and technologies to streamline claims, including paperless workflows and the ability for members to know the status of their claim as it moves through the acceptance process.

Our Disability Management Commitment

Provide direct, consistent employer and employee communication

Follow a proven, focused approach to advancing claims for a successful return to work

Access to a robust network of resources and service providers to facilitate assessments and optimize return-to-health and return-to-work for employees

Ensure easy access to unique self-care resources for employees to help improve their health

Meet and exceed agreed upon deliverables and timelines for quality and service assurance standards

Develop compassionate, health-based relationships with employees to provide the best outcome for every individual

Exploring new tools for better member care

We are committed to the continual improvement of our disability management coverage. As new opportunities to support members emerge, we take an evidence-based approach to add them to our disability offering.

Digital Therapy (iCBT)

We offer members the opportunity to connect with an accredited therapist for counselling and education services, using their computer or mobile device – anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Medicine

We provide access for members to get test results that can show how their DNA will affect their response to specific drugs – which will help their doctors prescribe the most effective and safe medication for them – at the right dosage.

Have questions?

Connect with our group sales professionals

Ontario: 1-800-234-8881
Quebec: 1-888-588-1212
Atlantic Provinces: 1-855-633-2843
Email: [email protected]