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In this article our colleague Marie-Jo Auclair, Disability Management Manager, shares her point of view on the best ways to approach mental health issues, especially depression, in the workplace.

“We spend a lot of energy on avoiding workplace accidents. There are posters to protect people’s physical health: “mind the step”, “wash your hands”… But we don’t do the same for mental health. We would be best advised to put in place an emergency kit for mental health like there are for bodily injuries.”

Click here to read the full article (In French Only)

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About Marie-Jo Auclair
Marie-Jo Auclair

Marie-Jo Auclair is a Disability Management Manager at Medavie Blue Cross. Her duties include leading a team of about 40 employees in the Montreal office. She provides support and guidance to her teams to ensure that service quality standards are met. She participates actively in the strategic planning of the various department activities and implements exemplary disability management practices.

Before joining Medavie Blue Cross in August 2016, Marie-Jo worked for over seven years as a team manager with another insurance company. She put her expertise as a case manager to work to provide assistance to her team to improve everyone's performance beyond the expectations set by management.

Holder of a bachelor's degree in psychology from Université du Québec à Montréal, a Certificate in Substance Abuse: Prevention and Rehabilitation from Université de Montréal, and ALMI, ACS and AIRC (LOMA) certifications, Marie-Jo is always looking to add to her expertise and is therefore continuing her professional development by taking a number of training courses for managers. She is currently enrolled in the Harvard Business School’s ManageMentor training program.

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