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Canada’s Health Care System of the Future: Collaborative, Innovative and Transformative

Posted by Bernard Lord on January 02, 2019

Demographic shifts. Digital health. Big data. Chronic disease. High cost specialty drugs. These are just a few of the mega trends that are disrupting health care and health insurance industries – trends that are compelling us to reframe our thinking in the way we provide care.

What many consider as the future of health care is not over the horizon - it is here now. That means the time for health care improvements is also now.

As we all know, health spending is way up and that pressure will only increase as key drivers of health care spending continue to accelerate.

Between 2011 and 2016 the percentage of Canadians over 65 jumped 20%, compared to a 5% population growth. By 2031, about 23 per cent of us will be seniors. As Canadians age, they will rightfully want to receive services and care that meet their needs and expectations.

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