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Digital health & workplace wellness: How one leader is bridging the gap

Posted by Marc Avaria on December 17, 2019

Accessibility to mental health professionals and other specialized services is key for workplace wellness. Medavie Blue Cross has its finger on the pulse of this issue.

“Mental health in the workplace is one of the key challenges facing employers today,” says Marc Avaria, VP Product & Disability Management at Medavie Blue Cross. “Employees are not as afraid to say, ‘I’m not feeling well today’, or ‘I may need help coping with a mental health issue.’”

In the past decade, workplace mental health absences have increased substantially, and the demand for mental health services has grown alongside them. However, access to specialized medical services, including qualified mental health professionals, is still a challenge. Wait times to see a psychiatrist, for instance, can stretch to 59 weeks in many parts of Canada.

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