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Harnessing analytics, data to support employee mental health

Posted by Derek Weir on January 10, 2020

Mental health is the third largest health spend in terms of benefits plan management, according to Derek Weir, manager of health benefit solutions at Medavie Blue Cross.

“Fifty-three per cent of Canadians consider anxiety and depression ‘epidemic’ in Canada and 85 per cent say mental-health services are among the most underfunded in health care,” he said during a session at Benefits Canada’s 2019 Toronto Mental Health Summit on November 29.

Analytics in health plan management is collecting, aggregating and visualizing data in a way that is useable, noted Weir, and data has to be presented so plan sponsors can use it to make decisions. This can allow actionable insights into what is driving plan costs and help plan sponsors to drive priorities. Further, it can allow employers to coordinate their efforts, target hot spots and manage different risks.

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