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Is your organization cyber-secure during the pandemic?

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Think your organization is safe from cybercrime? Think again. Cybercriminals are exploiting fears and flaws related to COVID-19 to defraud, hack and scam organizations out of their money and private data, with some security companies detecting cybersecurity threats at 600 to 800 times greater than pre-pandemic levels. That’s because doing business remotely makes organizations more vulnerable to cybercrime, including phishing for health information – the most valuable record in the world for fraudsters, hackers and scammers.

Chad White, Director Corporate Security, Medavie, describes how organizations can protect themselves against cyber threats while we continue to operate outside the secure walls of our normal business operations. He explains why cybersecurity is essential to your organization; identifies the top security risks you may face, and, recommend the steps you can take to minimize those risks during the pandemic and beyond. This CE-accredited presentation is hosted by Alaina MacKenzie, Regional VP Business Development, Medavie Blue Cross.

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