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How to modernize your benefits plan

Posted by Derek Weir on October 22, 2020

Change is on the way. Are you ready for it? Derek Weir, our Manager of Optional Benefits, recently penned a piece for Benefits and Pensions Monitor, exploring how you can take advantage of innovative benefits plan options, today and tomorrow.

  • Benefits plans should be as diverse as your workforce. Benefits plans that offer choice and flexibility help empower employees and lead to higher satisfaction among plan members as a result.
  • The stigma associated with mental health is disappearing. Employees are ready to take control of their mental health and require a benefits plan that allows them to do so.
  • We live in a digital age. Does your benefits plan? Virtual care is growing in popularity because it efficiently connects plan members with the health and wellness tools they need.
  • What’s in it for employers? It’s not only plan members that reap the benefits of modern benefits plans. Transferring the claims process online helps streamline processing times. This is a win-win for all parties involved.

We often associate “new” with “expensive,” but flexible health benefits plans are a cost-effective way to generate a strong ROI. They play an important role in creating and sustaining a workplace culture built on employee health and wellness, and statistics show that healthy and happy employees are more productive too!

Whether it’s virtual care, increased flexibility, or greater access to resources, employees and employers are optimizing plans to reflect what works best for them. So, what are you waiting for?

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