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Pharmacogenomic testing goes mainstream in group insurance

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on November 30, 2020

A Telus Health survey of 10 insurance carriers, including Medavie Blue Cross, shows that pharmacogenetic testing is “gaining a foothold in group insurance.” The survey results, published in Telus's Health Benefits Hub, found that all insurers offer at least one group insurance option, or have put in place a preferred-pricing arrangement. Read the survey results highlights here.

Pharmacogenetic testing uses DNA from a saliva sample to assess how a plan member’s DNA affects how they metabolize prescription drugs. Members can share their test results with their doctor to help prescribe the medication that is the safest and most effective for them, and at what dosage, based on their unique genetic profile.

We believe pharmacogenetics opens up an exciting new frontier in health care that allows plan members to unlock their genetic code to receive the right drug, at the right time – and at the right price for plan sponsors.

Here are the ways we offer testing:

Preferred pricing

Testing is available to plan members at preferred rates through our Personalized Medicine option – part of the suite of technology-enabled health solutions we offer through our Connected Care digital health platform. Cost may be covered through a health spending account or personal wellness account, depending on the member’s plan.

Disability benefit

Testing is available on a voluntary basis to members on a disability leave with claims for mental health condition and/or chronic pain.

Extended health benefit

Medavie Blue Cross is exploring whether to expand coverage to the extended health benefit plan.

Pharmacogenetic testing is just one way our organization is leveraging new innovations and technologies to make sure plan dollars are well spent and that plan members get the best treatment possible.

Learn more about our Personalized Medicine option, Connected Care, and our other digital healthcare offerings here.