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According to the Sanofi Canada 2018 survey on member satisfaction with a group plan, 58% of respondents have qualified the quality of their health care plan as “excellent” or as “very good”. This is an increase in comparison with the 48% satisfaction received last year.

According to our colleague Pierre Marion, Market Leader in Quebec, communication is key to helping members understand the value of their group insurance plan: “It’s important that we look at improving how we support plan sponsors to communicate the value of their plans to their members. We can separate out the value of the insurance aspect so it’s better understood and appreciated by more than just the small number of plan members who make insurance claims.”

Click here to read the full article (Article in French Only)

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About Pierre
Pierre Marion

As Regional Vice President, Pierre is responsible for the business development of group insurance plans in Quebec. A seasoned manager, he has led various teams within the organization with passion since 1989.

Thanks to his 25+ years of experience in the group insurance business, Pierre is interested in the sound management of benefits, most notably benefits related to drug insurance programs.

His strong public speaking skills and his ability to put complex notions in laments terms have made him a versatile and sought-after spokesperson. As such, he has participated in numerous panel discussions on group insurance plan management.

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