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The Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator

Posted by Dr. Bill Howatt on November 19, 2018

The Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator gives employers a benchmark on the tangible and intangible costs, such as presenteeism and disability claims, their company is facing due to high employee stress. Using this spreadsheet, employers can see what the cost is to them if they ignore the health and welfare of their staff at work and can show where they should take action to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve productivity. Referring to the case study, shown as an example , employers enter information on their organization as indicated in the worksheet boxes to calculate the risk factors of doing nothing. This tool was shared by Dr. Bill Howatt, chief researcher for the Conference Board of Canada, as part of our October webinar, “Is Self-Care the Future of Health Care?”

The cost of doing nothing calculator (CoDN) infographic