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Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

We’re all different and have different needs. That’s why the best health insurance plans are a reflection of each individual.

Virtual benefits and features, a broad range of prices, and a holistic approach that includes mental well-being are all of part of our fresh take on health insurance, so as many individual and families as possible can conveniently access the real support they need.

Online health services to help you and your family

Did you know that you can get a lot of health services online or by phone? It's a convenient option for getting the care you need during this challenging time.

Everyone needs something a little bit different

See how three Medavie Blue Cross customers picked just what they needed to create a plan that works for them.

With Medavie Blue Cross you can keep the things you love and get the coverage you need

We are all in this together

Medavie provides $5 million: Delivering on our mission during these difficult times.


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