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Personal health plans are sold by Canassurance Hospital Services Association, doing business as Québec Blue Cross. The administrative functions relating to this plan are carried out by Medavie Inc, doing business as Medavie Blue Cross.

Canassurance Hospital Services Association (Québec Blue Cross) provides coverage for all hospital, hospital cash, Assured Access™, dental, health, drug and travel benefits. Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada, doing business as Blue Cross Life, provides coverage for the accidental death and dismemberment and critical illness benefits.

To facilitate the reading, Canassurance Hospital Services Association (Québec Blue Cross), Medavie Inc. (Medavie Blue Cross) and Blue Cross Life Insurance of Canada (Blue Cross Life) are collectively referred to as “Blue Cross”.

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How does Blue Cross use cookies?

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®Québec Blue Cross is a registered trademark of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans (CABCP) licensed to the Canassurance Hospital Service Association (CHSA), an independent member of CABCP operating in Quebec as Québec Blue Cross.
* Trade-mark of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans. † Trade-mark of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. All rights reserved.