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Critical Illness

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Do you know there are many unknown costs associated with having a critical illness?

In Canada, government health care programs typically cover most medical costs. However, critical illnesses often result in extra costs including:

Adaptive equipment or home modifications

Alternative treatments and experimental drugs

Travel and accommodations for treatments

Child care expenses

Additionally, you may experience loss of income due to time away from work to recover from your illness or to care for a loved one. In time of need, the Critical Illness benefit will put a tax-free, lump sum cash payment in your pocket to help pay unexpected costs or protect your hard-earned savings during your recovery. You can use the money however you want and there is coverage available without answering any medical questions.

Everyone is at risk of developing a critical illness, regardless of age.

So what would happen if you were suddenly diagnosed with a life-changing condition and had to take time off work to recover? Would you be able to keep up with your mortgage payments? Could you afford medical expenses over and above those covered by government health care or private health insurance? Critical Illness Insurance can make an important difference to you and your family in time of need. Should a covered condition strike, this benefit provides a payment to help meet your financial obligations – and protect your hard-earned savings and dreams for the future.

A total of 36 conditions are covered, based on the same definitions commonly used in the insurance industry.

These include: 25 covered conditions eligible for up to 2 full payments, 4 covered conditions eligible for partial payment and 7 covered childhood conditions.


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