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Welcome to the Toronto Benefits Together Conference

In person:

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 8:00 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. ET
  • Islington Golf Club, 45 Riverbank Drive, Toronto, ON

Welcome to the Toronto Benefits Together Conference

In person:

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 8:00 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. ET
  • Islington Golf Club, 45 Riverbank Drive, Toronto, ON

Conference Overview

Benefits Together is back again and in-person, bringing together leading experts in workplace wellness to help you look ahead and create a healthy future for your organization.

This year’s agenda will shine a spotlight on the urgent questions and transformational trends impacting the health and productivity of today’s working Canadians.

Artificial Intelligence:

Transforming Health Care & Health Benefits

How are AI innovations supporting diagnostics, treatment, access to care and more?

The new ABCs of Zzzzs:

Impact of Sleep on the Workplace

How does getting a good night’s rest affect the performance, health and quality of life of many working Canadians?

CEO Update:

A Perspective on Pharmacare

Join Medavie CEO Bernard Lord, for a timely discussion on Pharmacare.

The Resilient Employee:

Preventing Stress and Burnout in Today’s Workplace

What are the latest strategies for recognizing, preventing, and treating burnout at work?


We are thrilled to welcome a roster of knowledgeable experts on workplace wellness to share actionable insights into building healthy, inclusive and productive work environments.

Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Expert in Burnout Prevention, Stress Management, and Resilience

An award-winning medical doctor, Dr. Susan Biali Haas’ life passion is to equip people with the knowledge, skills, and tools that will help them to enjoy optimal mental health, avoid burnout, and increase their resilience. Today, she inspires a broad range of clients — from senior executives to healthcare professionals — to take control of their health and start living more impactful, meaningful lives.

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Expert on Resiliency and Workplace Wellness

One of the most sought-after, engaging, and truly transformative speakers and scholars in her field, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning education and psychology instructor. She shares practical, accessible strategies to foster resiliency and wellness within ourselves and others.

Angela Johnson

CEO, sanoLiving

Dedicated to revolutionizing women’s health, Angela pioneered sanoLiving, Canada’s first comprehensive virtual health platform for women. She successfully scaled and exited Medical Confidence and has made significant contributions to healthcare navigation and mental health solutions.

Bo Shi

Vice President, Blue Venture Fund

Bo is a Vice President of the Blue Venture Fund (BVF) where he helps lead healthcare technology and data analytics investments. Bo has also held leadership and strategy positions with Waud Capital, Primus Capital and L.E.K. Consulting, focusing on private equity investments in technology and healthcare.

Bernard Lord

Chief Executive Officer, Medavie

Bernard Lord provides strategic leadership to Medavie. He is currently the Chair of the International Federation of Health Plans, President of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans and the current past Chair of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

Eric Laberge

President, Medavie Blue Cross

Eric Laberge has led Medavie Blue Cross through significant business growth for nearly a decade. A Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, he worked with major actuarial consulting firms for 20 years prior.

David Adams

Senior Vice President, Insurance Business, Medavie Blue Cross

David leads the overall group and individual business strategy at Medavie Blue Cross, including sales and marketing strategy, product development, and underwriting. A Chartered Professional Accountant, David brings strong financial acumen and extensive business development experience to his role.

Tammy Conistis

Vice President Digital Transformation Office and Digital Direct, Medavie

Tammy leads digital transformation strategy, data analytics, and the Innovation Incubator Team at Medavie. She is both a strategic and pragmatic visionary with a track record for successfully building organizational capability and delivering strategic initiatives.

Alaina MacKenzie

Regional Vice President, Business Development, Medavie Blue Cross

As the Market Leader for Group Business in Ontario, Alaina leads the execution of our Ontario business growth strategy. She brings an intuitive sense of the customer, gained throughout her 25 years of experience in group insurance with a focus on disability benefits. As a former registered nurse, Alaina also offers a unique perspective to the world of group benefits, service and sales.

Paolo Korre

Director, Design and Innovation, Digital Transformation Office, Medavie

Paolo leads Medavie’s Innovation Incubator, a centre focused on reimagining Medavie’s services, products, strategies and experiences through human-centred design and collaboration. Through his expertise and creativity, Paolo is helping to drive Medavie’s culture of innovation.