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Health insurance fraud is the intentional act of submitting false, deceiving or misleading information for the purpose of financial gain. Fraud can lead to significant financial losses to the benefit plan and result in higher premiums and decreased coverage. Medavie Blue Cross is committed to protecting the integrity of our benefit programs for our policyholders and members by monitoring and resolving any abusive or fraudulent activity.

Fraud & Abuse: What’s the Difference​​?

Both fraud and the abuse of health insurance benefits are serious issues that can greatly impact your benefit plan.

Abuse occurs when a health care provider, a group plan member or an individual policyholder exploits the plan provisions or the health profession guidelines. This includes receiving services that are not part of a therapeutic treatment for illness or injury, or excessive use of benefits.

Fraud is an intentional deceptive act to obtain a financial gain. Some examples of health insurance fraud include double billing or charging more than once for the same service, or using the coverage of a dependent for a service that you are receiving.

Fraud Prevention: We All Play a Role

As a group plan member, plan sponsor or individual health policyholder, you can help us prevent fraud. Ask yourself:

Do I know a health care provider who:

  • Submits claims on my behalf for services or supplies I did not ask for, or did not receive?
  • Misrepresents non-covered services as covered in order to bill for non-eligible benefits?
  • Sells supplies or performs treatments that are not medically necessary and misrepresents information on the invoice in order to bill for them?

Do I know an individual who:

  • Has no known medical condition but obtains services or treatments that are not medically necessary and claims the service through their health insurance?
  • Gets workers’ compensation benefits or other disability insurance benefits but isn't disabled?
  • Has submitted a falsified or forged health-related claim to an insurance company?
  • Has returned a product for a refund after receiving payment from the insurance company (medical equipment, orthopedic supplies, etc.)?

Help protect yourself and others from becoming a victim of fraud

The Auditing Process

How our auditing process works

We perform regular claim reviews to protect our plan sponsors, service providers and benefit programs. The audit ensures we have proof of the services that have been rendered, detects claim irregularities, finds infractions and increases awareness of insurance fraud and abuse. 
In our analysis, we look for:

  • Sudden increases in benefit usage
  • Multiple tips on the same service provider from various plan members 
  • Repeated billings for the same treatment for members of the same family
  • Submission of a high rate of claims compared to other providers of the same type of service in the same region

What you can do as a plan member

Know your audit rights and the conditions of using Medavie Blue Cross benefits by reading the benefits booklet you received when you became a member. Have conversations with your providers to ensure they maintain accurate records to support any claims you may be required to submit.

Reporting Fraud or Unethical Behavior

Medavie Blue Cross has introduced a tool to help address and prevent health care fraud and abuse and ensure ethical behaviour in all our dealings: the Medavie Blue Cross Fraud and Ethics Reporting Service.

The Fraud and Ethics Reporting Service empowers stakeholders (Medavie Blue Cross employees, plan members, providers, and the general public) to take an active role in preventing or addressing fraudulent or unethical behaviour. The service, administered by an external company, is a safe place to confidentially voice your concerns. It is quick, easy and its professionally-trained agents are available 24 hours a day.

Here’s how the confidential Fraud and Ethics Reporting Service works:

  • You can call toll free 1-800-661-9675 to reach the service or click on ‘Submit a report’ to send in an electronic report
  • You will be issued a User ID and password to access your file, update information and see any response to your report

After you file your report:

  • Once all identifying information has been removed, the agent will forward the report to Medavie Blue Cross to determine if follow up is necessary.
  • To access your file, update information or see any responses to your report, you can click the Fraud and Ethics Reporting Service link or call toll free 1-800-661-9675. You will need your User ID and password to access your file.

Other Fraud Prevention Contacts

Fraud or unethical behaviour can also be reported anonymously by contacting any of the departments listed below:

Group and Individual Business Customers:
Toll Free: 1-800-661-9675

Government Programs Customers: 
For Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Toll Free: 1-866-485-5500

For Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Toll Free: 1-877-497-3914

The Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (CHCAA)  
The CHCAA was founded in 2000 to give a voice to the public and private sector health care organizations interested in preventing fraud in the Canadian health care environment.
Telephone: 1-416-593-2633 
Toll-free: 1-866-962-4222