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Connected Care

Ready to learn more?
Here's your introduction to Connected Care.

  • Online Doctors - Use your mobile device or computer to connect with a Canadian doctor in minutes, for consultation and treatment – day or night.
  • Personalized Medicine - Get test results that can show how your DNA will affect your response to specific drugs – which helps your doctors prescribe the most effective and safe medication for you – at the right dosage.
  • Digital Therapy - Connect with an accredited therapist for counselling and education services, using your computer or mobile device – anytime, anywhere.

The services provided through Connected Care are available for a fee, with digital therapy being an eligible service under our Psychologist/Social Worker benefit.

Connected Care can only be accessed through the Medavie Mobile app or the login section of

Please log in with either platform to enjoy these and other great services.

*Some features may be unavailable for your plan