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Member programs & perks

As a Medavie Blue Cross member, you have access to a variety of programs and services that help you live better,
manage your health, and save money.

For all members

These programs are available to all Medavie Blue Cross members.

Plan-Specific Programs

Access to these programs depends on how your particular plan was set up.
If you're not sure, you can check your coverage using our mobile app or through our Member Services Site.

Drug Management Features

Checking your eligibility

Are you covered for your new prescription? What about the health professional* you want to make an appointment for? How many times a year can you see the dentist*?

The easiest way to find details about what benefits are covered by your plan—including maximums and coverage limitations—is to check things out online or using our app. You can also find information in the benefits booklet you received separately.

*Keep in mind that services must be provided by a Medavie Blue Cross-approved health professional to be eligible for coverage. You can find an approved provider through our mobile app, or use our online search tool to find one who offers ePay direct payment service.

Use our app

Go to Check My Coverage. From there, you can search or browse benefits.

Use the ​Member Services Site

Go to the Coverage tab. Drill down to the category you want, then click the benefit to view results.

Checking prescription drug coverage

You can search for a specific drug to determine if it's covered under your plan using Blue Cross Mobile or the Member Services site.

From either the app or the website, navigate to the Coverage section, then select Drugs. From there you can enter a full or partial drug name, or the Drug Identification Number (DIN).

Can't find what you need?

We're here to help, contact us today.

Can't find what you need?

We're here to help, contact us today.