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Summit Program

Independent Agent Incentive Program

2024 Summit Program

We want to acknowledge and thank you for the dedication to Medavie Blue Cross. You are a valued partner and your contributions to our mutual success is appreciated. It is with this in mind that we are pleased to share the 2024 Independent Agent Incentive Program. This program rewards you for your ongoing effort and commitment to growing your Medavie Blue Cross business and building our brand.

As always you can count on us to support you in navigating the ever-evolving insurance landscape in 2024. Key areas of focus for us will include:

  • Ensuring fair treatment of customers in the sales and service of insurance products
  • Increasing digitization of sales process
  • Continuing to develop best-in-class products

We enter the new year committed to align our priorities with your business objectives as efficiently as possible. On behalf of Medavie Blue Cross, I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2024!

Part 1: The Bonus Plan

The Bonus Plan offers cash bonuses in addition to the commission you earn from the sale of Medavie Blue Cross health products and Blue Cross Life products. All bonuses are based on your sales performance in the 2024 calendar year. The amount of the bonus increases with your sales level and is a percentage of the commission you regularly earn.

Part 2: The Bonus Bucks Program

Bonus Bucks is an incentive program where “Bucks” are awarded on a yearly basis and can be used to redeem a vast array of prizes including electronics, travel vouchers, wellness items, sports/recreation equipment, jewelry, gift certificates and countless items for the home. Keep in mind that one Bonus Buck is equivalent to one actual dollar.

Part 3: Co-op Dollars

Advisors will be eligible to receive a percentage of net production from the previous calendar year to be placed towards approved promotion*, including web advertisement, trade shows, client appreciation events, signage, newspaper, radio ads, etc. in the following calendar year. You can also use your co-op funds to purchase Medavie Blue Cross branded promotional items (swag) for your clients and prospects.

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