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Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on March 30, 2023

New travel insurance rates as of April 13, 2023

Due to the rising costs of healthcare around the world and in order to maintain the current quality of coverage we provide we have adjusted our travel insurance premiums. The upcoming rate change to our Travel Insurance rates is effective April 13, 2023.

This rate revision applies only to Emergency Medical Care coverage.

There will be no rate change for all other coverage at this time.

Previous rates will be honoured under the following circumstances:

Official documents

No changes have been made to our travel insurance policies. You can find the latest version of the policies under “Useful documents” on the website.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your regional Sales Executive for more information.

Why are there always exclusions?

Every insurance policy has exclusions. An insurer cannot cover certain risks and still maintain affordable insurance premiums. The most common exclusions are:

  • A pre-existing illness, diagnosed before departure
  • A trip taken against a doctor’s advice
  • Risks taken by the insured that surpass those that are considered insurable, such as taking part in a race, an extreme sport or an illegal act, or using drugs
  • Others, the details of which can be found in the What is not covered section of each benefit of the policy booklet

Members should always review their policy so they are prepared for any situation that may arise. You will find that almost all exclusions are standard in most travel insurance policies.

Do I have to complete a medical questionnaire?

A distinction must be made between a health declaration and a medical questionnaire.
A health declaration determines what will be covered and excluded, and indicates the travel insurance premium. The premium is based on risks associated with age, health condition and trip length.

A medical questionnaire is an option offered by Blue Cross to cover specific illnesses. Members are not obligated to complete this questionnaire, but in some cases it is recommended. Members can simply ask their doctor to complete the questionnaire and send it to us. Any health condition will be assessed by the Blue Cross medical director; if there is a pre-existing condition that does not present an increased risk, it will be covered and members go on their trip with peace of mind.