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How do I submit an accidental dental claim?

Accidental Dental claims are treated differently from regular dental claims.

Accidental Dental Benefits are processed under the Extended Health Benefit (EHB) section of insurance policies, not under dental benefits. Because of this, Accidental Dental claims can’t be submitted via CDAnet. It’s important to submit your claim as soon as possible and additional information will be required.

When submitting an initial claim for Accidental Dental or to report the accident, you must fill out and submit the Extended Health Benefit Injuries Report- for Accidental Dental form, as well as the required dental diagnostics (e.g. X-rays).

You can submit your claim to:

Att: Accidental Dental Unit, 644 Main Street, PO Box 220
Moncton, NB E1C 8L3

Call inquiries: 1-800-667-4511