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New detailed invoice in Quebec pharmacies

Maybe you’ve noticed more details on your pharmacy invoice. The overall cost has not changed, but you have access to much more information about the cost of your medication.

Did you know your pharmacist charges a professional fee when you buy your prescription drugs? Surprised? You’re not alone.

Nearly 80% of Quebecers are unaware of this cost.

In your opinion, does your pharmacist charge you a professional fee for the purchase of your medication?

39% I don’t know | 21% Yes | 40% No

(Ipsos Survey, May 2016)

In Quebec, drug spending has risen by 88% in 10 years

This has put excessive strain on private group insurance plans

To keep insurance plans viable, measures are needed to control costs

After years of lobbying, supported by employers, the Quebec insurance industry has succeeded in obtaining transparent pharmacy drug invoices

From now on, your pharmacist must give you a detailed invoice specifying:

1) Ingredient cost
2) Wholesaler mark-up
3) Pharmacist professional fee

This transparency makes it easier to choose the pharmacy with the best prices

In Quebec, everyone is free to do business with the health care professional of his or her choice, including pharmacists.

Therefore, your personal choice could be based on several factors, depending on your preference, including:

quality of your pharmacist’s service

cost of fees charged

range of other services offered

preference for the pharmacy chain


With a detailed invoice, it is now easier for you to compare fees included in the price of your prescriptions, which vary from one pharmacy to another. Shopping around for a pharmacy can save you money.

Making an informed choice of pharmacy means everybody wins.

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