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Taking Your Medication as Prescribed

Taking your medication as prescribed is easier said than done. It’s simple to miss or skip a dose, or to take it at the wrong time of day. But not following your prescription means that your medication can’t work as it is intended – which can make your condition even worse!

The good news? You have a whole team to support you.

Our Medavie Mobile app can now give you reminders on when to take your medication, when to refill your prescriptions, and learn more about the importance of taking your medications as prescribed. Coming Soon!

Why is that important? Take a look:

You can download Medavie Mobile from your app store, or find out more here.

Additional resources

Here are a few other ways we can to help you manage your health.

My Good Health

You can learn more about what your medication does and how it helps in our My Good Health wellness portal. And if you’re unclear about a diagnosed condition or worried about possible side effects, be sure to talk to your pharmacist or physician about what to expect.

Managing Chronic Disease

Many of our members have coverage for our Managing Chronic Disease benefit. We have community-based health professionals who can help you through education and coaching. You can find a professional near you, and whether you are covered for this benefit, on the app or here.

Let’s work together to help you achieve better health.