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Welcome to
Complete Health

Get started with your plan.

Welcome to
Complete Health

Get started with your plan.

Why wait? Here are some ways to start using your plan right away:

Set up your account online

Review your benefit details, submit a claim, view your claims history, and more! Use our Member Services Site to help you make use of your plan. (See that Login button in the corner? That's your go-to for everything about your account.)

Download our mobile app

With Blue Cross Mobile, you have easy access to everything you need to use your plan on the go: check drug coverage, find a health professional, submit claims and more. If you've got an iOS or Android device, we've got you covered. Even better: it's really simple to use.

More to get you started

Learn the basics

The Member Centre is your source for everything you need to know about your plan: how to submit a claim, access our wellness resources, save money and more.

You can access it anytime from our website (use the "Plan Members" option at top left).

Consult inConfidence

inConfidence is an online resource supporting you through wide range of areas including emotional health, parenting, ageing. and workplace issues. You can also arrange financial or legal consultations.

Explore interactive tools

Use Health Connected, our interactive health risk assessment tool to assess your current health, set and track personal goals, and learn about lifestyle changes you can make for a longer and healthier life.

You'll need your member ID and policy number to set up your account.

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Maybe we can help.

You can also contact us.