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Managing Chronic Disease

Managing Chronic Disease

Ongoing education and support for better health

Our Managing Chronic Disease benefit provides you with coverage for personalized health coaching and disease management education to help you better understand your chronic condition and manage it. Services are provided by our specialized network of health professionals, and are available without a doctor's referral. It's healthcare on your terms to help you live better.*

Coverage is currently available for lung health education and support services (asthma, COPD), diabetes care and education, heart health (high blood pressure, high cholesterol) and coverage for services and supports to help you quit smoking and reduce your risk factors for some chronic diseases.

Services tailored to meet your needs

Our specialized health care professionals will work closely with you to guide and support you on your path to wellness.

Improve your understanding of your condition

Develop a personalized treatment plan, based on your specific situation and goals

Receive training and support in using medical delivery services and equipment such as inhalers, glucometers, continuous glucose monitors, and insulin pumps

Know how to best manage your symptoms

Take your medication as prescribed

Know what questions to ask your doctor

Covered conditions and resources

Learning you have a chronic disease can bring up many feelings - fear, confusion, and even depression. You may feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and what lifestyle changes you need to make. Our specialized health care professionals will work closely with you to guide and support you on your path to wellness—every step of the way:

Connect with a Health Professional

Health Professional Finder

Use our online health professional finder to locate approved health educators and practitioners near you.

You can also use Medavie Mobile, our app for iOS and Android, to search for health professionals near you, get directions and add them to your favourites.

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*The Managing Chronic Disease program is available to all Individual Plan Medavie Blue Cross members and members of Group Plans registered with the program. The plan member can check to see if they have coverage for this benefit with our Medavie Mobile app, by visiting our Member Services website, or by calling our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-873-9200 in their area. Medavie Blue Cross sets usual, reasonable and customary (U&C) reimbursement limits on all health services and expenses eligible under our health plans. In addition to the per-visit U&C, the Managing Chronic Disease benefit has an overall annual maximum. GSK, a research-based pharmaceutical company, has provided sponsorship funding towards the development of employee lung health management programs by Medavie Blue Cross.