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Québec Blue Cross and Medavie Blue Cross strengthen their support for the Dr. Clown Foundation

April 30, 2020

Québec Blue Cross® and Medavie Blue Cross® are strengthening their financial support to the Dr. Clown Foundation to help them continue their activities during the COVID-19 crisis.

“In this time of physical distancing, we believe that the creativity the Dr. Clown Foundation shown is absolutely admirable. We are honoured to support an organization who, against all odds, is committed to brighten the life of those who are among the most affected by this crisis. » explains Sylvain Charbonneau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebec Blue Cross.

"The interventions of therapeutic artists are aimed at creating relationships that bring joy and support mental health through difficult times. With the unprecedented crisis we are facing, the role of therapeutic clown artists is even more crucial and we are pleased to see that the Dr Clown Foundation has created an innovative solution to reach and engage children and elders while respecting social distancing." added Eric Laberge, President of Medavie Blue Cross.

A shared commitment to improve the health and wellness of the communities

For many years, Québec Blue Cross and Medavie Blue Cross have been providing financial support for the mental health initiatives of clowns trained in therapeutic child psychiatry.

“Québec Blue Cross and Medavie Blue Cross exemplify commendable leaders in corporate philanthropy. These two companies seek the creation of an optimal social impact, they are attentive to our innovative ideas and have played a major role in our Dr. Clown child psychiatry program. Thanks to them, we help hundreds of children struggling with mental health challenges. The Dr. Clown Foundation is extremely grateful for their support!” says Martin Goyette, Executive Director of the Dr. Clown Foundation.

Dr. Clown Foundation initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The mission of the Dr. Clown Foundation is to bring joy to hospitalized children, students in specialized schools, patients of all ages in general hospitals and seniors in care facilities.

Interactions with therapeutic clowns can, among other things, reduce the anxiety and stress caused by the separation of parents and family, as well as the fear of treatments and interventions. As a response to the physical distancing measures in place, and due to the limited access to health facilities, the Dr. Clown Foundation, together with its 55 artists, has shown creativity and adjustment by turning to technology to pursue its actions with the most vulnerable.

  • Nose to Nose meetings: The Dr. Clown Foundation offers children the opportunity to enjoy personalized virtual meetings of 10 to 15 minutes with an artist duo by videoconference. It is a true therapeutic and shared experience that brings them joy, laughter and benevolence.
  • La Belle Visite: A program set up to help counter the isolation of vulnerable seniors. La Belle Visite program is of utmost importance in this lockdown period as it is intended for all CHSLDs and public or private residences for seniors, all over Quebec.
  • Many Facebook live sessions also take place every week to maintain the therapeutic bond with the children as well as offer them comfort in this difficult situation.

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About the Dr. Clown Foundation

The Dr. Clown Foundation works daily to create relationships that bring joy and are marked by benevolence and respect through the intervention of therapeutic clowns with children, adults and the elderly to bring a breath of lightness and joy into the establishments visited.

About Québec Blue Cross

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About Medavie Blue Cross

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