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Flexible health insurance

...because everyone lives life a little differently.

It can be difficult to find a health insurance plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

That’s why we designed Elements to be simple, flexible, and responsive to you.

Elements can help you pay for both routine and unexpected expenses not covered by your provincial health plan. And because life changes, you can adjust your coverage to match your life and your budget, now and later.

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What's different about Elements?

Unlike other products on the market, Elements is designed to fit and grow with you. You can mix and match coverage and add or remove members to your policy for certain life events without medical underwriting*.

It’s simple:

Choose the modules that fit.

It’s flexible:

Upgrade your benefits on key life events.

It’s responsive:

Adjust your coverage to make it more affordable knowing you can increase again on key life events.

*Some restrictions apply. Please note, you must live in Atlantic Canada and be covered by a provincial health care plan to be eligible for coverage.

What are key life events?

Upgrade your plan without the need for medical qualification when:

A spouse is added or removed from your plan
Dependent is added or removed from your plan

Building your Elements plan

Elements lets you build your coverage around your life so you can live the way you want and know you’re covered. Starting with Health Benefits, choose the level of module that meets your needs, then mix and match your other coverage by selecting the elements that work for you.

Step 1

Choose your Health Benefits module

Every Elements plan starts with a health benefits module, which covers you for vision care, health practitioners, nursing care, medical supplies and more.

Choose from:

  • Entry module
  • Essential module
  • Enhanced module

Compare modules

Step 2

Consider Drug Benefits

Add an optional drug module to cover prescription drugs. There's no overall maximum on drug benefits!

Choose from:

  • Essential module
  • Enhanced module

Compare modules

Step 3

Consider Dental Benefits

Our optional dental modules covers you for dental exams, cleanings, fillings and more.

Choose from:

  • Entry module
  • Essential module
  • Enhanced module

Compare modules

Step 4

Consider adding optional specialty modules

You can choose one, two or all three:

Step 5

Get an estimate

Our super-simple rate calculator will get you an estimate in no time.

Step 6


Complete our easy online application and you'll soon be on your way to becoming a Medavie Blue Cross member.

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A plan that's right for you

Elements lets you mix-and-match modules to build the perfect custom plan for you, based on your stage of life and your future needs.


Just starting out

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Married with kids

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Getting married

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How do I know what kind of coverage I need?

Think about your and your family’s needs:

Want an affordable plan with drug coverage?

Consider Entry Health with Essential Drug coverage.

Do you travel at least once a year?

Enhanced Health comes with travel coverage.

Do you have children who may be needing orthodontic treatment?

You need Enhanced Dental coverage.

Do you want coverage for the widest possible range of prescription drugs?

Look for the Enhanced Drug module.

Do you expect to eventually be covered under group health benefits?

Consider the Assured Access module—you can put your plan on hold if you get group benefits provided by an employer, and re-activate it later on.

Are you interested in extra hospital coverage?

If you're interested in extra hospital coverage, above and beyond what’s included in your provincial plan, the Hospital Cash module provides $100/day if you get hospitalized.

Do you need life insurance?

You can add pre-approved life to your plan up to age 45.

Are you worried about developing a catastrophic illness?

If you're you worried about developing a catastrophic illness, like a major stroke, and not having adequate savings to cover living expenses, our Critical Illness module pays cash in the event of a major unexpected illness.

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The benefits of Medavie Blue Cross membership

As a member, you get more than just great health coverage. Check out some of the perks of joining Medavie Blue Cross!

Elements provides you the security and peace of mind to live and be well—no matter where life takes you.