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Travel plans for visitors to Canada

Travel plans for visitors to Canada

If you’re travelling to Canada, a travel plan from Blue Cross gives you the coverage you need to feel secure during your trip.

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Emergency Medical Coverage

Every Blue Cross travel plan includes coverage for Emergency Medical Care expenses including hospital accommodation, doctor’s bills, medical appliances, private registered nurse, laboratory tests, emergency prescription drugs, accidental dental care, ambulance service including air ambulance, emergency flight back to the residence when medically necessary, emergency vehicle return, subsistence allowance and repatriation services.

The comfort of CanAssistance

Every Blue Cross travel plan comes with the ultimate security of CanAssistance Emergency Travel Assistance. CanAssistance is ready to help you 24/7, before or during your trip. One toll-free call, day or night, and you’ll be taken care of immediately, whether your emergency is medical, legal—or even to provide translation services.

Why Blue Cross?​

  • 24/7 worldwide travel assistance through CanAssistance
  • No deductible
  • Medical follow-up in Canada (included in the Emergency Medical Care benefit)
  • Our agreements with a network of health service providers worldwide enable us to make payments to the service provider directly, when possible
  • A name recognized and trusted worldwide.

When should I buy?

Travel plans must be purchased prior to arrival in Canada, or within the first 30 days of arrival in Canada. There may be a 72-hour waiting period if purchased after arrival in Canada. Coverage is available for trips of up to 365 days in Canada.

Plan Options

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*For individuals ages 55 to 75 who will be travelling for 32 days or more, and/or individuals ages 76 and up, please call one of our agents for more information about the Emergency Medical Care benefit.