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Agent Update - Individual Business

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on February 23, 2023

Updates to the Individual Agent Microsite Launching March 1st Webinar

Our Individual Agent Microsite is getting a refresh! In an effort to improve the experience of our brokers, we’re working on a few updates to the Agent Microsite’s design. The first update will be a newly improved layout of the homepage to make navigation easier and more efficient. This update will go live on March 1 so be sure to check it out.


Password: medavie

Future updates will continue to roll out over the next few months and will include improvements to the Resources library with better search options. The Newsletter section now includes our Travel newsletters and an update is being made to the filtering tool. Additionally, the Ads section of the site will get a refresh in the middle of March to remove the Elements section and replace it with the brand new Blue Cross Health white label ads.

We’re always interested in improving the experience for our brokers and members and will continue to assess our tools and materials. For any additional information, reach out to your Medavie Blue Cross representative.

Medavie Blue Cross Seniors' Health Program Rate Increase

Effective April 1, our rates are increasing by $4 for the Basic Health Benefits and the Enhanced Health Benefits of the Seniors Health Program.

  • Rates are changing from $16 to $20 for the Basic Health Benefits
  • Rates are changing from $26 to $30 for the Enhanced Health Benefits
  • Hospital and Drug premiums remain unchanged

At the same time, we are adding a $5,000 Accidental Death benefit to the Basic Health Benefits and Enhanced Health Benefits.

Premiums are adjusted, when necessary, to ensure plans remain viable and financially sound. Premium changes are required due to an increase in both the number and cost of claims, driven by factors like the rising price of the benefits. This measure must be taken to ensure long-term plan sustainability. Letters have been sent out to members explaining the new premium and the reasons for the increase.

We’re Getting Ready to Roll Out New Individual Plan names

Just a reminder that we’ll be renaming two of Medavie’s Individual health plans — from Elements to Complete Health and Guaranteed Issue to Guaranteed Acceptance — as part of our Individual line rebranding to Blue Cross Health. We previously communicated the name changes would launch on March 6. However, we have moved the launch day to March 17, 2023.
Current Elements and Guaranteed Issue members will receive email communications over the next week to notify them of the name changes and assure them that Complete Health and Guaranteed Acceptance will continue to offer the same great benefits and services they expect from Medavie Blue Cross.

Complete Health (formerly Elements)

Our underwritten plan, formerly Elements, is getting the more descriptive name of Complete Health, which speaks to the wide range of benefits provided by Medavie Blue Cross.

Guaranteed Acceptance (formerly Guaranteed Issue)

Our non-underwritten plan, formerly Guaranteed Issue, will be renamed Guaranteed Acceptance to give it a more customer-friendly description.

Both product names have been focus-group tested with very positive feedback. Once they are introduced to the market, we look forward to an equally positive reception from members and consumers.

While many existing print materials and digital assets will be updated to incorporate the new names, you may still see some references to the old names on existing creative. Our team is working hard to prioritize the most used documents (such as policy booklets, rate guides, applications, brochures) for the new March 17 effective date.

Refer to the FAQ , or reach out to your Medavie Blue Cross representative, if there are additional questions. Please note that this FAQ is in English only at this time. We will upload the French version as soon as it is complete.

Medavie Benefits+: Introducing a New Way to Support our Members

As Atlantic Canada’s leading benefits carrier, we are continually exploring new ways to ensure we provide the best possible experience for members. In recent years, this has included substantial technology investments to make it easier for members to take full advantage of their benefits, including our Blue Cross Mobile app and recently enhanced Member Services Site.

Recognizing that some members are more comfortable with an in-person experience or need support to transition to digital tools, we are excited to announce Medavie Benefits+, a member-focused experience where members can:

  • Review their current insurance plan and get details on their coverage
  • Learn how to use our digital tools or drop off their claims*
  • Explore additional health, travel and wellness coverage
  • Take part in our health information sessions and wellness activities

Convenient locations

Our new Moncton Medavie Benefits+ will open on March 6, 2023 in the Blue Cross Centre, 644 Main Street, in the former Quick Pay location.

It will join the existing Halifax location in the Barrington Tower, Scotia Square at 1894 Barrington Street.

Planning is also underway for a Benefits+ location in St. John’s, NL. in the future. Secure drop boxes for member claims continue to be available at our Moncton, Dartmouth and St. John’s, locations.

To find out more about Medavie Benefits+, and our innovations in member experience, contact your Medavie Blue Cross representative.

*Claims are processed off site and will be paid out to the members registered payment method once claim is approved.