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Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on June 29, 2023

Summer Contest

Have you heard the news? You could WIN!

WIN! A remarkable weekend for 2 at the exclusive Algonquin Resort! The contest runs from May 15th, 2023 until August 31st, 2023.

If you are looking for ideas and support to help with your WIN, please reach out to your Account Representative.

Did you know:

The coverage provided by your credit card company and group coverage may have limitations or restrictions. It is important to review your policy thoroughly for coverage details. It is often recommended that you purchase additional coverage for complete protection.

Check your credit card coverage for the following:

Travel duration - Travel insurance cannot be purchased once you depart from your province of residence. It is important to check the length of stay covered by your credit card company, as well as any restrictions based on age.

Emergency medical care coverage - There are often strict eligibility and stability requirements based on your current health.

Trip cancellation or interruption - You may need to purchase additional protection, depending on the cost of your trip. Most credit card companies do not cover trip interruption or cancellation, and when they do, the maximums are not sufficient to fully cover your costs.

Did you know:

Group insurance often has limitations on coverage. It is important to be aware of any limitations in your group insurance plan. It is recommended that you read your policy carefully as there may be restrictions and limitations that you are unaware of.

Emergency medical care costs - It is common for group plans to cover only a small portion of emergency medical care. Some services may have a deductible, and you must often pay in advance and receive reimbursement only upon return.

Trip cancellation and baggage - Group plans do not usually include trip cancellation and baggage coverage. When coverage is included, the amounts are rarely sufficient to cover your costs.

Purchasing supplementary health insurance is recommended when you travel outside of your province of residence.

Why should you recommend private travel insurance?

  • Many health services outside Canada cost much more than your provincial coverage will cover. You are responsible for any difference in cost.
  • Some health services are not insured by the ministry. You will have to pay the full costs for these services.
  • An accident can happen to anyone, even during a very short business or recreational trip. Extra insurance should be purchased before you leave your province of residence.

Protect yourself and your family. Don’t risk your financial security with incomplete coverage. With a Blue Cross travel insurance plan, you will benefit from complete medical coverage, recognized worldwide.