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Key elements of your June 2020 Invoice

For many of our clients, this month’s invoice may look different from what you would normally see. This guide highlights these key elements, if applicable.

Adjustment Summary

On page 1 of your invoice, the Premium Adjustments line will show your overall adjustments for this invoice.

This will include your Pandemic Premium Relief Credit and other adjustments (including May missing certificates).


Pandemic Premium Relief Credit

In April, we launched our pandemic premium relief program for all non-refund, fully insured groups for the month of April. This initiative reflects our commitment to help ease the financial burden on plan sponsors during the most challenging economic crisis of our time.

Your credits based on your billed premiums for April have been applied on this June invoice.

You can find your Pandemic Premium Relief Credit on the last page of your Premium Benefit Summary section.

Clients who opted to receive the credits on their next renewal will not see this credit on their invoice.


Missing Certificates and Other Adjustments

Some invoices released in the month of April, for May coverage, had members incorrectly appearing as “Missing Certificates”. May premiums for the impacted certificates have been applied to your June invoice.

These charges appear as part of the “Adjustments” in the Premium Benefit Summary section on of your invoice. Please note that any other adjustments from your May billing period will also appear in this area.


You can view full details on the charges for these members in the Member Premium Details section.

Members who were missing certificates in May will show those charge applied to this invoice.


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We appreciate your patience and support.

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