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Top Tips to Manage your Medications

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on August 27, 2020

So, you missed a dose or two of your medication. No big deal, right?

We get it. Taking your medication as prescribed is easier said than done — especially if you’ve got a busy schedule or have more than one prescription.

However, forgetting or purposely skipping medications can make your condition even worse, especially if multiple doses are missed. On top of that, poor drug adherence can lead to other, more serious health problems.

Set up reminders

Need help remembering to take your medications? We’ve got an app for that!

If you’re a member of a Medavie Blue Cross-insured plan, you have access to our Medavie Mobile app, which includes a built-in medication management feature.

This feature allows you to set up reminders on when to take your medications and when to refill your prescriptions.

You can download Medavie Mobile from your app store, or find out more here.

Medication management tips

Here are tips on managing your medications.

Ask your pharmacist

If you're taking a prescription medication, your pharmacist will likely ask you for relevant information about your medical history and will inform you of many important details about the medication. To do your part in taking medications properly, be prepared — ask questions and provide any necessary health information to your pharmacist.

Questions can include:

• What will my medication do for me? Some medications control symptoms, while others are given to cure an illness (such as antibiotics). Know what to expect from your medication.

• How should I take my medication? The answer to this question should include details on time of day, whether the medication should be taken with or without food and/or beverages, and number of doses to be taken per day.

• What should I do if I forget to take my medication?

• How long should I take this medication? Knowing how long you need to take your medication can help you prepare for a lifestyle change if necessary.

Improve your medication memory

Fitting your medications into a busy lifestyle can be a challenge, especially if you're taking more than one prescription at once.

The following suggestions will help you to better manage your medication schedule:

• Incorporate the medication into your daily routine. For example, take it immediately before or after another activity that you do each day, such as eating breakfast, doing a household chore, or going to bed. Make sure you check first that the medication can be taken with food. Ask your pharmacist or read the medication package or insert.

• Place the medication in a highly visible area so that it's readily available to you at the time you should take it. For example, if you take the medication in the morning before leaving for work, place it on your kitchen table, or beside your water cooler, coffee pot, or favourite mug.

• Create your own checklist or diary to help remember your medications. Place your list in a highly visible place, such as on your refrigerator or taped to the inside of your front door, so you'll see it before leaving home.

• Ask your pharmacist about medication reminder devices (often referred to as "compliance aids"), such as mini-alarms, blister packages (plastic, sealed bubbles), or dosettes (a reusable method to store a week's supply of multiple medications). Likewise, some mobile devices have apps, like Medavie Mobile, or settings that can be used for medication reminders.

As a member of a Medavie Blue Cross-insured plan, here are a few other ways we can help you manage your medication.

My Good Health

You can learn more about what your medication does and how it helps in our My Good Health wellness portal.

Managing chronic disease

Check to see if you have coverage for our Managing Chronic Disease benefit on the app or here on our website. This benefit covers one-on-one health coaching and education services to help you control your condition, including taking your medications as prescribed.

Source: MediResource Inc.