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Smart spending on prescription drugs

Smart Spending

on Prescription Drugs

Wise consumer spending when it comes to prescription drugs can benefit you in many ways. Not only can it help save you money on your co-pay at the pharmacy counter, it can also help keep benefit plan premiums affordable, today and for future generations to come.

What makes up the cost of a drug?

The cost of a drug can differ depending on pharmacy, region, or province. The total cost of a drug can include more than you might think:

  • Ingredient/manufacturer cost: The sale price charged by the manufacturer for the drug
  • Wholesaler mark-up: The amount added to the drug’s cost to cover the distribution supply chain
  • Pharmacy dispensing fees: A separate amount charged by a pharmacy to fill your prescription- intended to cover services such as dispensing the drug and conversations about the drug with the patient
  • Pharmacy mark-up: An additional amount added to the drug cost that is charged by the pharmacy to cover other overhead and operational costs

Helpful tips to save you money


Call around to pharmacies to compare the cost of your prescription.


Ask the pharmacist for a three-month supply on maintenance medications; this may help reduce the dispensing fee.


Consider an online pharmacy for maintenance medications- they tend to have less pharmacy mark-up.


Always ask the pharmacy to fill your prescription with the generic drug instead of brand name drug.


Use our Medavie Mobile app to compare the ingredient cost of drugs instantly, even while meeting with your health care professional.