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Travelling to Cuba?

Since May 1, 2010, it is mandatory for all visitors to Cuba to hold either travel health insurance from providers approved by the Cuban government or to purchase it from Cuban vendors at its ports of entry.

Approved companies are those, like CanAssistance, that are affiliated with Asistur SA, the official medical assistance society of Cuba. Because of Medavie Blue Cross’s affiliation with CanAssistance, travellers who hold Medavie Blue Cross travel insurance are covered. Therefore, a written confirmation of coverage (proof of travel insurance) is not necessary since the Medavie Blue Cross card is known and recognized by the Cuban authorities.

This rule applies to tourists and other visitors including visiting Cubans living abroad and foreigners temporarily living in Cuba. Diplomats and representatives of accredited international organizations will be exempt.

In order to avoid any potential difficulty we remind you pack the following in your carry-on luggage:

  • A valid Canadian passport;
  • Your provincial health care card;
  • Your Medavie Blue Cross ID card.

More information is available from the Cuban Embassy to Canada’s website, or read the update from the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada.