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2019 Scholarship Recipients

Supporting our employees and their families in their learning and development and community and volunteer activities is a big part of our corporate culture. In fact, these are two of our Core Values.

Every year, we’re proud to award six new scholarships to our employees’ family members who demonstrate academic excellence while living two of our core values—we encourage personal learning and growth and engage in the well-being of our communities.

Community Leadership and Academic Scholarship Winners

Five students have each been awarded a $2,000 Community Leadership and Academic Scholarship for the 2018-19 academic year:

  • Brian Budd
  • Logan Grossman
  • Gabrielle Breau
  • Braedan MacDougall
  • Amanda Chiasson

Brian Budd

Brian is currently earning a Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Industrial Engineering at Dalhousie University. He has twice been elected to sit on the executive student council of Dalhousie Engineering acting as an ambassador for the University at regional and national conferences and also sits on Dalhousie’s chapter of Women in Engineering and assists with all their initiatives. Brian has claimed the Sexton Scholar Designation at Dalhousie University on three separate occasions; this honour is unique to Faculty of Engineering students who achieve academic excellence.

Brian is the son of Cindy Budd, Rehabilitation Consultant.

Logan Grossman

Logan is an anticipated graduate from Riverview High School and plans to attend Mount Saint Allison University in the Fall to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Psychology. He is an athlete in Football and Basketball where he captained both High School Teams and coached with Unified Basketball to prepare students for the Special Olympics in the Summer. Logan also displayed ingenuity developing a Vape detector to help the High School solve an issue involving students vaping in the School.

Logan is the son of Paula Grossman, Senior Benefits Specialist.

Gabrielle Breau

Gabrielle completed her first year at Sheridan College for Performing Arts. She has an extensive history in volunteering, providing volunteer support for various initiatives including YMCA junior camps, Dieppe Bike Tours, Mentorships for New Students, and volunteering at retirement homes. This past year Gabrielle has been awarded the distinction of ‘Artist of the Year’ for writing a play that was performed at the school and also received other distinctions related to her talent as a playwright.

Gabrielle is the daughter of Louise Comeau Breau, Document Management Specialist.

Braedan MacDougall

Braedan is an anticipated graduate from Riverview High School and plans to attend Waterloo University. He took the opportunity during High School to attend additional classes (self-directed and AP) while balancing work and extra-curricular activities. Braedan presented to the Atlantic Region New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning Summit, competed in Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, participated in the New Brunswick Math League and participated on a team that received Editor’s Choice at World Maker Faire NYC 2018.

Braedan is the son of Mike MacDougall, Manager IT Business Services.

Amanda Chiasson

Amanda is an anticipated High School graduate attending Moncton High School who plans to attend the University of Ottawa in the Fall seeking a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering. Amanda has demonstrated talent as a choreographer, choreographing for musical productions at their school as well as providing Cheerleading Coaching at Olympia Allstar Cheerleading before taking a position as a Camp Counsellor.

Amanda is the daughter of Steven Chiasson, Vendor Manager.

Leon R. Furlong Health Sciences Academic Scholarship

This scholarship was created to encourage continued academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education in the field of health sciences and is valued at $2,500. It is maintained for up to five consecutive academic years or until the recipient obtains their first undergraduate or graduate degree.

Samantha Rogers

Samantha is an anticipated graduate from Dalhousie University to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Sciences and plans to attend Dalhousie Medical School in the Fall. Samantha (a past recipient of the Community Leadership and Academic Scholarship) impressed during Bachelor’s Degree studies achieving outstanding marks in all her courses which landed her on the Dean’s List during the undergraduate degree. She took the University Studies and desire to graduate from Medical School outside of the University and collected extensive volunteer experience. This volunteer experience includes volunteering at: Veteran’s Memorial Medical Centre, Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapist Fertility Clinic, Moncton Hospital Emergency Department, Volunteer Abroad Sustainable Project in Ecuador, and Let’s Talk Science.

Samantha is the daughter of Neil Rogers, Manager PMO Programs.