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Charles St-Laurent appointed as new Regional VP, Business Development, Quebec

March 10, 2022

Medavie Blue Cross is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles St-Laurent as our new Regional Vice President, Business Development in Quebec.

“Charles is well-versed in seizing business opportunities, as well as developing and implementing innovative and value-creating strategies,” said David Adams, Vice President, Business Development, Medavie Blue Cross. “His skills and experiences as a long-time employee of Medavie Blue Cross will allow him to excel in his new role, working alongside myself and the rest of our Business Development team.”

Charles began his career at Medavie Blue Cross in 2002 while still a student and continued to grow in different capacities within the company. Throughout his career, Charles has built an exceptional reputation by achieving records in retention and growth. His strategic sense, global vision of the organization, active listening and creativity are important assets that will allow him to lead the Quebec Business Development team.

“Succeeding the legendary Pierre Marion with his 32-year career is no small task,” said Charles. “I am fortunate to have had him as an incredible mentor throughout my career, to help me grow to where I am today and step in where he leaves off,” said Charles. “I am excited and committed to working with our amazing team to achieve new heights.”