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Assured Access

Insure your future with
Assured Access

If you currently have health benefits through your employer, Assured Access protects your eligibility for future access to a comprehensive and affordable personal health plan.

What is Assured Access?

Think of it like us saving you a seat. It’s a guarantee that, whenever you need it, you can enrol in a Medavie Blue Cross personal health plan without answering medical questions. That means if you ever lose your employer-sponsored benefits, for any reason, you’re automatically approved for a personal Elements plan—regardless of health.

Why worry about this now?

If you're covered by an employer-sponsored plan now, you may not be covered forever. Circumstances change: maybe you’ll start working for yourself, or decide to stay home with the kids. If you wait until then to apply for benefits through a personal health plan, you’ll have to answer medical questions based on your and your family’s health at that time—any existing conditions will not be covered. Qualify now, and you’re guaranteed access to a health plan in future regardless of your health.

What plan will I be approved for?

When you’re ready to activate your personal health coverage, you and your family will be able to move into a flexible and affordable Elements plan, which has extensive drug, hospital, travel and health benefits. Choose from single, couple or family coverage.

Assured Access also includes up to $10,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance, as well as inConfidence for Individual.

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How do I qualify?

You must be 64 or under, and you must be enrolled in a group health benefits plan for the past 12 consecutive months. You are eligible to apply for Assured Access even if your group coverage is not through Medavie Blue Cross!

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