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Assured Access

Assured Access

Our Assured Access plan lets you take your health benefits with you wherever you go—guaranteed for life.

Things change, but your health insurance doesn’t have to.

Having health insurance coverage today is crucial, but it doesn’t necessarily cover you forever. Group health benefits can be lost for multiple reasons, including career changes, a long-term disability, a leave of absence, or retirement, just to name a few. With Assured Access, you don’t have to worry about leaving your health coverage behind when you change jobs, leave jobs, or retire.

Illness can strike anyone — no matter what your age

At 29 years old, Mark began treatment for elevated cholesterol and suffered a shoulder injury while playing hockey. Without a health plan, he pays $2,000 a year out of his own pocket for lipid lowering and anti-inflammatory medications.

When applying for a personal health plan, he would have to qualify medically, and any expenses related to his pre-existing conditions would not be covered. Not only would he have to pay the $2,000 a year for medication, but the plan’s premiums as well.

This is why it’s so important to have lifetime access to health benefits.

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