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Your guide to buying health insurance

Insurance can be complicated. Let us simplify it for you.

Your guide to buying health insurance

Insurance can be complicated. Let us simplify it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Canada, we’re lucky to have great health coverage through provincial medicare programs. But—what about expenses that aren’t covered, like prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, or health professionals like physiotherapists?

With a personal health plan, you not only get coverage for the “what-ifs”—like leg braces or diabetic supplies—but also for the routine things, like antibiotics, contact lenses and dental cleanings.

Sure. Here are some other reasons:

  • Got kids? With an underwritten personal health plan, your children’s future is protected. When they no longer qualify under your coverage, they can enrol in their own plan, without medical questions. (Trust us—they will thank you for this.)
  • Some prescription drugs can be pricey. Luckily, with our Complete Health plans, there’s no overall maximum amount on drugs – ensuring you and your family can always afford necessary medications.
  • As a card-carrying Blue Cross member, you’ll have access to all sorts of perks, including our exclusive savings program called Blue Advantage, and our My Good Health wellness portal.
  • It’s easy! Review your coverage, compare drug prices, submit your claims and much more through your phone.

If you're healthy, that's great—keep doing what you're doing. So maybe you’re considering waiting it out until you really need insurance—but here’s the plot twist:

Most plans require medical underwriting—which means if you get sick without insurance, and then apply for coverage—you may not qualify for the coverage you need.

Get a health plan while you’re healthy, and you’re covered regardless of what the future holds. It's kinda like insuring a new car—so you can keep it running like new if anything happens.

Most personal insurance plans require underwriting. This means we look at all the information you provide us about your health, and we make you an offer based on that. In most cases, we're not able to cover you for pre-existing conditions, but new conditions will be covered.

We know—no one likes answering personal questions, but we need to know this to underwrite your plan properly, and we try to keep it brief. Of course, we treat this information carefully—you can check out our privacy policy, if you like.

Qualifying for an underwritten health plan provides you with flexible benefit options, more extensive coverage and better pricing for the available benefits. Overall, underwritten plans offer much better value than plans without medical qualifications.

So that brings us back to getting a plan while you’re healthy—you’ll get the advantage of no exclusions and great rates.

Yup—if you’d prefer not to answer any medical questions, we do offer the Guaranteed Acceptance Plan. That means you’ll automatically be approved, and any pre-existing conditions will be covered.

Waiting periods prevent purchasing coverage just for one particular benefit or claim. Without waiting periods, someone could purchase plan, use it once and cancel—and that offloads extra plan costs onto other members. Waiting periods help ensure the long-term viability of the plan for all members.

Hey, we can help with that. Check out some examples of how to put together your ideal plan. And, we've got some lovely people ready to help you over the phone or in person, if you prefer the human touch.

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