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Why choose Medavie

Why us?

You have lots of options. What makes us different?

As a member, you get more than just great health coverage (don't get us wrong—that's still pretty important). Check out some of the perks of joining Medavie Blue Cross:

Loads of self-service options

With our app and our member services site, you can do almost everything you need to use your plan: check your coverage, submit a claim, get reminders to take your medications, and even find a health professional.

Exclusive savings

With Blue Advantage, our membership savings program, you get great savings on things like glasses, spa treatments and more.

Focus on your health

Want to improve your health? We’ve got your back. My Good Health, our wellness portal, has everything you need to assess your health and make a plan for improvement.

Here when you need us

Sometimes... you just need that human interaction. Our awesome contact centre reps are ready to help if you can’t find the answers you need online. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

We care

We’re not-for-profit, so we’re focused on the community, not shareholders. We donate more than 10% of our profits to community causes. Read up on the Medavie Health Foundation… we’re pretty proud to be a part of it.

The Blue Cross name is one you can trust.

Whew… we’ve been around for over 75 years. We’ve built up a lot of expertise in that time. We don’t feel our age, though: we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and explore new technology.

Convinced yet?

Time to find out for yourself!