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Medavie is a national health solutions partner.

Medavie Blue Cross is part of Medavie. Together with Medavie Health Services, a national primary health care solutions organization, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that will improve the health of all Canadians.

Medavie Blue Cross is a premier all-in-one carrier that provides health, dental, travel, life and disability benefits, and administers various federal and provincial government-sponsored health programs. Medavie Health Services is the largest contracted provider of emergency management services in Canada, managing ambulance services for the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and with additional operations in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

We channel our annual net income into investments aimed at enhancing the experience for our clients and as a social dividend to the Medavie Health Foundation. The Foundation is focused on developing partnerships with community-based organizations and supporting health-focused programs in three core cause areas:

  • Adolescent mental health – with a focus on mental resiliency
  • Post-traumatic stress – with a focus on intervention and recovery
  • Healthy living – with a focus on prevention and self-management

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