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Our Group Benefit Solutions

Balancing plan sustainability and member health

Our proven commitment to service and innovative solutions combined with our in-house expertise has helped us to become an industry leader in health services. Medavie Blue Cross offers benefit plans and approaches that set us apart, drawing on decades of innovation and experience. We work with consultants, brokers and advisors to make recommendations tailored to fit each benefit plan’s goals.


Balancing sustainability and access to care

You need a benefits partner that understands your goals and has the expertise and resources to assess, negotiate and recommend the best approach to maximizing the health impacts and sustainability of your drug spend.

As both a Pharmacy Benefit Manager and Insurer, we deliver a range of services and solutions that ensure quality care while managing costs with an approach that is built on:

  • Leading pharmacy channel partnerships and negotiations
  • Leveraging clinical expertise to deliver evidence-based drug coverage
  • Creating technology based solutions that provide positive member experiences
  • Providing access to integrated products and services to help improve member health

Health & Wellness

Approximately 1 in 5 members of the working-age population in Canada are living with a mental health problem or illness.

This is why we offer a variety of mental health solutions designed to help you build a mentally healthy workplace that protects your employees and sustains your plans for the future.

Mental Health Resources

Help your employees manage their health concerns related to menopause, smoking cessation and chronic disease with extended health care benefits. It's a smart investment you can make today, for the long term health of your employees and your organization.

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Health Coaching and Chronic Disease Management

inConfidence is an employee and family assistance program offered by Medavie Blue Cross. It is a voluntary confidential clinical counselling and lifestyle information service for employees and their immediate families. This comprehensive program provides direct access to care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Support is available in person, by telephone or online.

inConfidence also provides a variety of training and educational services for organization leaders and administrators, including management consultations, trauma response and ongoing account and communication support.

Help to keep your plan members healthy with the Health Connected interactive web portal.

Health Connected provides tips and information on:

  • Health conditions
  • Medications
  • Natural health products
  • Health tools
  • Solo challenges and virtual adventures
  • Digital coaching
  • Local, provincial and national support groups

It also includes assessments designed to give participants an overall snapshot of their health, identify risk factors, provide personalized wellness strategies and build their health skills.

Giving your employees access to medical Second Opinion can change their lives. Second Opinion by Medavie Blue Cross provides employees and their eligible family members the opportunity to have their medical files, diagnosis and treatment plan reviewed by specialists at world class medical institutions.

Second Opinion can be accessed through a toll-free number at the member’s convenience.

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Second Opinion Brochure (PDF, 807 KB)

Connected Care provides member-exclusive access and preferred pricing to innovative, convenient health care options:

  • Online Doctors – virtual medical care
  • Personalized Medicine – Pharmacogenetic testing
  • Mental Wellness – Text Therapy, Live Therapy and internet-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (iCBT).
  • Virtual Physiotherapy
  • Diabetes Care Program
  • Mindfulness

Connected Care is available only to plan members and their families, either through the Medavie Mobile app or by logging in at Members directly access the Medavie Blue Cross offer pages for the respective partners, with any preferred pricing automatically applied to their purchases at checkout.

The service provides a convenient option for members to find leading health providers who have been selected for offering the best possible quality and security. It enables member education and connection to relevant services, adds value to benefit plans at no additional cost to sponsors, and encourages self-care and member engagement in their health.

Bring best-in-class virtual health care to your workplace by adding the Online Doctors benefit to your plan. Your plan members and their dependents get year-round access to Canadian-licensed physicians, making it easier for them to take care of their health! Connect directly with a doctor in under 2 minutes for diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions.

Online Doctors

Our Gender Affirmation Benefit is a flexible coverage option that can be added to your Extended Health Benefit (EHB) and provides members with reimbursement for masculinization or feminization treatments and procedures following gender transitioning surgery.

The Gender Affirmation Benefit provides financial support for members going through the gender affirmation process so they feel confident in living as their identified gender.

Protection Plus Benefits

Add value to your benefits plan with no work or cost for you

Protection Plus Benefits is a leading digital insurance platform delivered by Canada’s most trusted brand. Fully-integrated with your benefit plan, delivered by a dedicated service team focused on you and your members. And you can do it without any work for you or cost to your organization.

Disability, Life and AD&D*

We offer a variety of products to build your employee’s finances in order to protect them and their families in the event of an accident, critical illness or death.

There is no way to anticipate life’s unexpected challenges, but we can provide peace of mind through sound financial planning. Our extensive line of products include:

  • Life and Dependent Life
  • AD&D*
  • Critical Illness
  • Protection Plus Benefits (voluntary Life, AD&D* and CI)
  • Group disability

*Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada underwrites Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

Group disability

Our group disability plans promote active disability management, minimizing or preventing time lost from the workplace. We’ll work with you to design a benefit plan suited to your individual needs. Our expert interdisciplinary team includes occupational therapists, kinesiologists, social workers, rehabilitation specialists and registered nurses.

Additional Options

If you want more choices, we also offer the following services:

A Health Spending Account is an effective way to offer plan members the benefits they want using pre-tax dollars (except in Quebec), providing you with the flexibility to meet your members’ unique and varying health care needs. Plan design options include our paperless automatic reimbursement plan where we instantly calculate and process reimbursement for unpaid portions of regular claims (such as co-pays or amounts above plan maximums) without the extra hassle of submitting a separate HSA claim form. In addition, we offer other customizable options to enhance your plan management and ensure greater convenience for your plan members and maximized usage of your benefit offering.


  • Employees can choose where their HSA benefit dollars are spent.
  • Employees can customize their plans to their specific needs.
  • Reasonable medical expenses not reimbursed by any government sponsored or private health care plan are eligible.
  • The HSA can be used to reimburse deductible and co-payment amounts for both medical and dental benefits.
  • Employers can better predict and control costs because the amount allocated to each plan member is pre-defined.
  • Employer contributions and administrative costs associated with the plan may be tax deductible.

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HSA brochure (PDF, 738 KB)

Cost Plus can enhance your current Medavie Blue Cross benefit plan, providing up to 100 per cent coverage for your key employees.

  • You select the employees who participate
  • Covers benefits not covered under the standard benefit plan
  • Extends to expenses in excess of plan maximums
  • Coverage includes group plan deductibles and co-payments
  • Premiums may be tax-deductible business expenses
  • Benefits may be non-taxable income for the employee
  • Flexible coverage for dependents: coverage may be extended to non-traditional dependents such as parents or grandparents, providing they qualify as dependents under the Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax Act.

Health benefits for a lifetime

With Group Assured Access, your employees and their families will always have access to an affordable personal health plan. This plan contains no exclusions for existing or new medical conditions and members are covered whether they retire, change jobs or their dependents reach the maximum age of eligibility.

Group Assured Access is only available to eligible Medavie Blue Cross group health plan members and their families in Atlantic Canada.

Benefits for your business

  • Low premiums – As with standard group health coverage, there’s the option for your employees to cost-share the premiums.
  • Retiree benefits – Group Assured Access ensures your employees will qualify for health coverage at retirement, regardless of age or health status.
  • Fiscal advantage – Group Assured Access is a tax-effective way for employers to provide their employees with lifetime access to health benefits.

Benefits for your employees

  • Lifetime access to health benefits — They will always have the opportunity to enrol in a comprehensive and affordable health plan without medical underwriting.
  • No medical exclusions — There are no exclusions for existing or new medical conditions.
  • Access to a comprehensive personal health plan — Hospital and travel benefits are also available.
  • No waiting period
  • Portability – If a participant becomes covered under a group plan through another employer, he or she can convert to an individual Assured Access plan.

Plans for Small & Medium Business

Health Benefits for Small Business

Support the health and success of your workplace

This health benefits plan is designed for small businesses with two to ten employees. It’s the best option for entrepreneurs who are growing their business and want to attract and retain top talent!

Health Benefits for Small and Medium Business

Group benefits with a difference

Every group benefit plan should reflect the organization. With our plans, employers are in the driver’s seat in creating the plan that will support their employees.

Member Experience

At Medavie Blue Cross, we've had more than 75 years of experience perfecting our unique brand of health insurance. What that means for your members is they get more than just great health coverage: they also get access to our exclusive programs and perks aimed at providing innovative ways to focus on their health.