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Mental Health Resources for Group Insurance

Mental Health Resources for Group Insurance

The success of an organization is built on the health of its workforce. As the cost of mental health issues in the workplace continue to rise, employers must look for solutions that support the overall well-being of their employees.

Research shows that employers who invest in benefits that promote wellness of both mind and body see returns in the form of reduced health care costs, increased productivity, and the recruitment and retention of top talent.

We are committed to helping employers build mentally healthy workplaces in Canada.

The Cost of Mental Health

With approximately 1 in 5 members of Canada’s working age population living with a mental health issue or illness,
and mental health now the leading cause of disability claims, the time for businesses to act is now.

Solutions for you and your workforce

Are you looking for solutions that will protect the mental health of your workforce and sustain your plans for the future?

At Medavie Blue Cross, we have developed a comprehensive offering of mental health resources to ensure your employees get the best care possible and that every plan dollar is spent wisely.




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