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Medavie Blue Cross Optional Benefits

Bridging the Insurance Gap

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on July 29, 2021

As Canadians continue to live and work through the pandemic, Medavie Blue Cross research has shone a spotlight on working Canadians’ financial vulnerability in case of a major health event.

49% of working Canadians are more anxious about their finances since the pandemic

66% feel the pandemic has made protecting their families with insurance more important than ever, yet only 5% have purchased Life and 3.5% have purchased CI during this period

82% worry their finances would be impacted if critical illness or injury affected their ability to work

60% would go into debt in 6 months or less should critical illness or injury result in loss of income

48% say cost is top barrier to purchasing critical illness and life insurance

Why don’t Canadian workers protect their families:

  • 48% too expensive
  • 24% time needed for research
  • 24% no trusted advisor
  • 23% too complex
  • 19% medical exams

Source: Medavie Blue Cross-commissioned online survey by Leger of 1,004 working Canadians who have employer-sponsored health benefits, conducted March 8-16, 2021.

Our Optional Benefits platform makes it easy for employers to give employees access to the protection they want.

Employers and plan sponsors have an opportunity to show extra support to their employees by adding value and even more flexibility to their group benefits plans.

Learn more about the value of adding Optional Benefits to your plan.

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