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Mental Health from the Palm of your Hand

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on July 19, 2022

Mental Health from the Palm of your Hand

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on July 19, 2022

How many of you, or someone you know, have felt anxious, sad or lonely over the past two years? You’re not alone. Data from a survey released in March of 2022 found that more one in three Canadians (37%) have experienced a decline in their mental health since the start of the pandemic. And things weren’t good before then.

Luckily, mental health care for Canadians has never been more accessible or affordable thanks to new technologies like Text Therapy.

What is Text Therapy?

This safe, secure service puts counselling with a qualified therapist at your fingertips. Through text conversations with your therapist, you can get expert care for issues like anxiety, depression, stress, substance abuse and more — at a time and place that’s convenient and comfortable for you.

Text Therapy is among a suite of Mental Wellness services offered through Medavie Blue Cross’s digital health platform, Connected Care. It joins Live Therapy and Internet-enabled Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) and a mindfulness app to build mental resilience.

The service is provided through a secure online healthcare platform and mobile app. It draws from a diverse network of licensed therapists who specialize in everything from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and relationship issues.

How Text Therapy works

1. Select Your therapist
Browse the network of therapists and select the one that meets your needs and preferences.

2. Book your session
Choose a date and time for phone or video therapy that works for you. Or select text therapy and start chatting with your therapist today.

3. Pay online
Get reimbursed by requesting an insurance receipt. Then submit your claim through the Medavie Blue Cross mobile app.

Medavie Blue Cross is the first carrier in Canada to provide seamless access and coverage to group and individual plan members for Text Therapy — and at preferred pricing.

The service not only helps meet the mental health care needs of Canadians, but it also matches our modern lifestyle. Nearly 9 in 10 (88.1%) of Canadians own a smartphone, and almost half (45.5%) check their smartphone at least every 30 minutes, according to Statistics Canada.* The average user in the United States taps, swipes or clicks on their phone over 2,000 times per day and sends and receives five times more texts than they make and receive calls.

Through Text Therapy, you can communicate with a therapist at your convenience from the privacy and comfort of your home. Some advantages of Text Therapy are that you may find it easier to say things through text, be less worried about judgment, and be willing to share more openly. Another advantage is that Text Therapy costs less than a single traditional in-person or virtual counselling session.

Want to learn more about Text Therapy and our other member-exclusive health offerings? Interested to see which of these Mental Wellness services are right for you and your family?

Medavie Blue Cross is here to help — anytime, anywhere. You can access Connected Care via the Medavie Blue Cross mobile app or the member services portal in your browser to check your coverage or speak with your HR representative to make sure these services are available through your health benefit plan.

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