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Life With MS

Part 3

Once the theory was assimilated and the new reality understood, I decided to get involved with the MS Society of Canada.

In recent years, the quality of life of those affected has greatly improved. For my part, I started an injection treatment in 2004. Ten years later, thanks to research, I was able to abandon the syringes and injections for a daily tablet. The treatments available today serve to slow development of the disease and reduce the severity of attacks. I like to continue to believe that we are not so far from the day we find the treatment that eliminates the disease for good.

There are many reasons I got involved with this cause. I firmly believe that every action counts and can make a real difference. I want to help people affected by this disease.

Also, I think of my two beautiful girls and they give me the energy to do more. Since they are slightly more likely to contract this disease than other children, I like to think that I will have done everything in my power to get closer to a remedy they can take if bad luck falls on them. But, as a positive guy, I tell myself that my daughters have a 95% chance of not having this disease. I also have other motivations. Each new development will help me to participate in the different stages of their life. I want to able to help them to move, to renovate their house, to take care of their children...