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Life With MS

Part 4

The MS Society offers all kinds of services to its members. This allows those affected to feel less alone.

For my part, the Society has allowed me to meet a network of passionate people whose mission is to lead the search for a cure for multiple sclerosis and to enable people with this disease to improve their quality of life.

In 2004, when I was recovering from a final attack that worsened my condition, my wife and several of my friends formed a team of cyclists and participated in the MS Bike tour, an activity that raises more than a million dollars per year for the Quebec division alone.

In 2005, I joined the cycling team for a 75 km day. Now, this activity is part of our life and every year we come pedal for two days and 150 km for this cause.

Over time, my employer decided to support the event and, seven years ago, it became the title sponsor. Today, more than 50 of my colleagues pedal and raise money for the cause.

In 2010, my wife decided to go a little further in her involvement. She registered for the Kilimanjaro Challenge. This project consists of a fundraising effort aimed at collecting over $12,000 per participant, with the ultimate goal being to climb Kilimanjaro. About six months before departure—probably struck by a brain cramp—I decided to join the project.

A challenge was waiting for us! Raising $12,000 in funds each, preparing for a three-week trip to Africa, training to walk on the highest mountain in Africa...

I will honestly admit that my goal was not to see the summit of Kilimanjaro. My goal was to walk, one step at a time, and to surpass myself in a life project.

History will tell that I eventually reached the peak, repeating to myself hundreds of times how lucky I was to be able to live these precious moments, knowing that a few years ago, I could barely walk.