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Ensuring a Healthy and Resilient Workforce

Benefits Together is an annual, multi-city series which highlights current health issues and trends impacting Canadian workplaces

May 7, 2024

The annual Benefits Together Conferences led by Medavie Blue Cross wrapped up this week providing a way to connect and share tools to build a committed and resilient workforce focused on healthy employees.

In Halifax, Toronto and Montreal, attendees including speakers, clients, advisors and employees, gathered to share new ideas and methods to continue to build healthy workforce communities.

Experts from across Canada discussed factors impacting our workforce today including:

How artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare and insurance

A panel discussion on how artificial intelligence presents opportunities to relieve some of the pressure on our strained healthcare system, as well as to improve efficiencies and member experience for group benefit plans. The panelists also stressed the importance of balancing the need for data security and privacy, while exploring opportunities that technology can offer us.

The importance of sleep on employees’ health and performance

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe and Nathalie Lacombe, experts in their field, led the second session of the day where they discussed how lifestyle factors, symptoms of menopause, stress and chronic conditions impact sleep quality and highlighted how sleep impacts the wellbeing and productivity of today’s workforce. Employers play an important role in supporting employees’ need for rest and recovery through various life and career events.

Resilience: Preventing stress and burnout in the workplace

Recognizing, preventing and treating burnout was also at the heart of the discussions. With work and life stresses at all-time highs, employers need new ways of supporting the physical and mental health of employees. Resilience experts emphasized simple, yet key steps to empower employees to take charge of their health and build resilience.

We strive to give our partners the tools they need to be successful. Participants left with a well-stocked toolbox to ensure they put all the best strategies in place to have healthy, fulfilled employees at work.

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