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Rxperience standard features:

Expert management of high cost specialty drugs guided by best-in-class clinical and therapeutic expertise from our Medication Advisory Panel (MAP).

Open benefit for all other eligible drugs plus the opportunity for plan sponsors to further enhance formulary coverage with additional benefit modules such as; vaccines, fertility, sexual dysfunction and injectable vitamins.

Treatment of chronic conditions including Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol with built-in access to our unique Managing Chronic Disease benefit, that provides personalized health coaching and disease management education.

Effective Diabetes management technologies such as Glucose Monitoring Systems and quantity limits on blood glucose test strips that are enabled by our Automated Conditional Benefit technology.

Broader insights into emerging health trends that guide us in creating unique technology solutions to provide the best member health outcomes, that all stems from us being our own Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

Rxperience also includes the following key Plan Management Features that focus on member care and cost management tools which seamlessly integrate with any additional automated features to help control unnecessary plan spend.

  • Prior Authorization for high cost specialty drugs
  • Mandatory Generic Substitution for multi-source brand drugs
  • Opioid Management Strategy for responsible drug utilization

Find out why Rxperience is the new standard in flexible drug management